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No matter how many years removed some of us become from the Double H, the spirit and memories of our Summers at camp stay with us forever. Many former staff members and volunteers wonder how they can remain involved with camp, while still balancing the important parts of their lives long after their days of cheering, splashing and making bonds at camp have ended. The Alumni Association is a great way to stay involved with the Double H Ranch.

We are looking for passionate individuals interested in helping to co-chair this exciting committee. These individuals will help to assist Double H in the hosting of future alumni events and creating opportunities to build awareness of the Double H programs. Our goal is to keep that Double H spirit alive in all of our communities long after our days of piggy back rides and cabin chats. To receive information on future events and how you reach out to fellow Double H Ranch alumni, please email Development Coordinator or call 518-696-5921 ex. 269.

Alumni, We’re looking for YOU!

Were you a staff member or volunteer at Double H Ranch between 1993-Present? If so we are looking for your most current contact information so we can keep you up to date with what’s going on at camp and how you can still feel part of the magic.

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