Campers We Adore You!

Summer 2009 has officially come to an end and it was one of the best summers in Double H history. We served so many amazing kids throughout our seven sessions and made countless new friends. It was very sad to wave goodbye to our last bus filled with campers. It is difficult to express in words the magic that occurs each day at Double H. Whether it’s a first time camper who fell in love with camp or a camper who graduated and had to say some tearful goodbyes – every moment at Double H was unforgettable.

Our summer staff and volunteers worked long hours, sang crazy cheers throughout every meal and offered numerous hugs to homesick campers. Our 2009 staff impressed everyone – parents, social workers, campers, and administrators. We are extremely proud of Team ’09 and their ability to care for such extraordinary children. Watching staff pack up and leave was just as difficult as saying goodbye to our campers; however, knowing that they will take the magic of Double H out into the “real world” is always reassuring.

Now that summer is almost over it is very quiet along the banks of Lake Vanare, the cheering, laughter, and sounds of happy children has settled. There is a chill in the night air and it is obvious that fall is right around the corner which brings us to our Family Fall Weekends and another round of kids and families who will experience the magic of Double H. We are gearing up for some wonderful fall weather and some more of those amazing Double H memories that last a lifetime.

To Team ’09- Thank you, we are so very proud. See you in 2010!