Can You Believe…

Summer camp is flying by and each week brings new faces, new themes and new excitement to Double H. We are constantly impressed by the creativity of our counselors in providing an exciting week at camp for our campers.

During Session 5 our Muskrat campers were taken on a whirlwind “tour” of the world. Our 6 to 8 year old boys were given a boarding pass every morning which described the country that they were visiting that day. By the end of the week the Muskrats had been to Chile, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States. While in Chile, campers learned Spanish songs and phrases while cheering on their friends at the ropes course. While visiting Ireland, the Muskrats received a visit from the King of Leprechauns and followed clues that lead them to a pot of goodies! In the United Kingdom, the Muskrats had tea with Queen Elizabeth. It was amazing to see them have so much fun traveling the world without ever leaving camp.

While the Muskrat cabin traveled the world, the Bobcats were delivering kindness and were pulling nice “pranks”. Our 12 to 13 year old girls were inducted into a secret Bobcat sorority that required them to perform nice and thoughtful tasks for other campers. They made friendship bracelets and necklaces for the Chipmunk cabin, they decorated the halls of the Fox cabin with tissue paper flowers and they snuck into the Deer cabin and gave each camper a stuffed animal, some bubbles and some games to play with. The Bobcats truly enjoyed making so many others happy!!

These two cabins had an amazing week as did the other eight cabins. Each week, our campers and counselors have such unique experiences and it’s amazing to see the growth and the friendships that are formed throughout the six days here at camp!

Many of our summer campers are now home, retelling and sharing their stories from camp with their family and friends, showing off their courage bracelets, writing letters to their new best friend and creating photo albums of their “Week in the Woods”. With only three more sessions to go before the summer season is complete, we are reflecting on the magic that has occurred during Summer 2010 and reminding you that there’s still time to sponsor a Summer Camper.

We are extremely thankful too and have been doing a lot of cheering in celebration of our new donors to camper sponsorship, but we have yet to hear from over half of last year’s donors. We need your continued support to deliver a “Week in the Woods” to our campers. Believe you can still Change the Game for children dealing with a chronic or life-threatening illness by sponsoring a camper. Time at Double H is the kind of time that lives on forever.

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