Double H is so much more than a summer camp. It is a place of respite from the harsh realities of life, a place of hope for the future, and a place of an unconventional family of undeniable love and support. A place where the impact of the experience can be difficult to describe in words, but one you know has changed your life for the better in every way.

With our 21st summer quickly approaching, a great sense of gratitude inspires our team to work diligently and meticulously prepare for this important experience that has become so much more than just a camp. We are grateful for the people who believe so deeply in the work we do. Grateful for the moms and dads who trust our staff with their most prized possession- their child. We are grateful for the medical community for valuing the power of a week at camp on a child’s resilience and their continued commitment to providing such quality medical care at camp. Grateful for the countless number of volunteers and staff that each gives so much of themselves to support the mission of Double H. Most importantly we are grateful for the children, young and old, who inspire us all to laugh, to play, to appreciate and to most importantly never forget, it is not JUST a camp.

Our hope is that time spent at Double H can serve as the blueprint for how to live each day, long after your last day at camp.








Health & Happiness,

Jacqueline Royael

Director of Operations