Fall Family Programs – Hold a Special Place in our Hearts

We had a fantastic fall season at the Double H Ranch, hosting six Family Programs. Our fall programs hold a special place in our hearts as we hosted weekends for parents who have lost a child due to Cancer; children who have lost a sibling or parent; children with Bleeding Disorders; children with various types of Cancer; children with Spina Bifida; and a weekend for woman who have survived or are in treatment for various Cancers.

“It was a great opportunity for Lauren to share her Double H experience with us and have her older brother involved! It was also another opportunity for her to just be a kid with people who understand her illness.” Family Program Participant

The inspiration that these families and participants provide us is amazing and puts things into perspective as we head into the winter season. This past fall we welcomed a total of 162 individual participants and 44 families to Double H.

“My son is a very quiet and shy young man with a very limited social life and friends. HH is a time when everyone is his friend and he feels normal. He feels accepted happy and at home” Family Program Participant

The families that attended one of our fall weekend programs embraced the activities offered and took advantage of having family time without television, text messaging and internet!