It is FINALLY here – Summer 2010!

Summer 2010 is finally here! We’ve counted the months, the weeks, the days and even the hours and we are finally able to welcome our campers with open arms for Summer 2010 here at the Double H Ranch. Our counselors concluded their week long training and learned about working as a team, the medical conditions of our campers and how to provide our campers with an amazing fun-filled week at camp. As we greet our first campers of the season, the excitement in the air is remarkable. The energy and enthusiasm that our counselors and campers have is outstanding. You can hear the laughter and cheers all throughout camp. After a long Day One of carnival games, meeting friends and swimming in the pool, campers and counselors sit around the opening campfire and talk about what they bring to the campfire. “Spirit, Love, Friendship, Excitement” are all brought to show our love and commitment to our campers. As the “Campers We Adore You” song echoes in the trees and mountains, everyone knows it is going to be the best summer ever!! Dream BIG in 2010.