It’s Time to Sponsor a Summer Camper!

Thank you for believing that YOU can change the game for Double H children dealing with a chronic or life-threatening illness by giving them their Week in the Woods.

Because of your generosity, Emma F. will meet up with her best friend Leah C. during session three; Michael B.‘s dream will come true as he soars down the zip line; Charlotte D. will be reunited with favorite counselor Emma during session four; and Brandon M. will work hard to beat last year’s record catch of 18 fish in one day during session two.

A special ‘Welcome Back’ to those donors who are finding their way back in support of Double H summer campers this year. We take note and celebrate each return with a Double H cheer! We are counting on the continued support from our faithful donors, a Double H hug to all of you who give towards camper sponsorship year after year.

Together, we are well on our way to delivering our Double H campers time at Double H, the kind of time that lives on forever.

If you haven’t done so already, please consider sponsoring a Double H camper for a Week in the Woods or even a day. Imagine the difference you can make!

Click HERE to Sponsor a Summer Residential Camper Today!