Make a Wish – Blaze A Trail to the Double H Ranch

This past week we were asked by fellow not-for-profit, Silver Bay YMCA to give a presentation about the Double H Ranch to their members and guests. Camper Morgan won over the audience with her heartwarming stories about her experiences at the Double H. At the end of the evening we asked the attendees to write down a wish and place it on a wish boat we made (Session 1 Talent Show & Wish Boat ceremony were actually taking place as we spoke). Here are just a few of the wishes that Morgan inspired that magical evening.

“I hope all of Morgan’s dreams come true.”

“Morgan’s continued health and spilling over happiness in the future!”

“I wish more children and teens had the personality, energy and dedication that Morgan has.”

“The enthusiasm you show is contagious; I wish more people, including myself, could reflect joy like Morgan does.”

The feedback we received from the presentation included these words ― inspiring, motivating, amazing, encouraging, Wow!, joyful, awesome, I thank God for such a camp!

Our Double H campers are our greatest ambassadors! They are the true magic that keeps the spirit of the Double H alive. Keep sharing your stories.

Together, we will Blaze A Trail to the Double H Ranch this summer.

For more information on having a speaker attend your group’s meeting or on Blaze a Trail please call the Ranch Development Office at 518-696-5921.

Written by: Linda Smith, Individual Programs Officer