Mary’s Way

In the 15th year of our Adaptive Winter Sports Program we are excited to announce the addition of a new conveyor lift, made possible through the efforts of our dedicated winter volunteers and individual and corporate donors who raised over $100,000 in their ‘Give Our Kids a Lift’ initiative.  The new lift provides a safe, easy, fun way up the beginner hill for instruction. We have named the lift ‘Mary’s Way’ in recognition of Mary, a longtime supporter of the winter program, who has a way with helping others.  

What is truly unique and special about our Adaptive Winter Sports Program is the hundreds of winter volunteers who give their time, talents and passion to teach our children who are dealing with chronic and life-threatening illness the thrill of winter sports. Without the fundraising efforts of our winter volunteers who raised over $100,000 in their “Give our Kids a Lift” fundraising initiative, we would not have the new lift which is the biggest addition to our winter program since the expansion of Charley’s Chalet four years ago. We have named the lift, “Mary’s Way”, in honor of a longtime supporter who had a special way with helping others.” 

Max Yurenda, CEO/Executive Director
Double H Ranch