Muskrats Shine in 2009!

Summer is flying by and our campers are having an amazing time. So far we have had 5 sessions of camp and each one has been a truly magical experience. We have welcomed in groups of children from Ohio, Philadelphia, Montreal, New York City and Rochester. Session after session our counselors and volunteers provide our kids with the experience of a lifetime. Our campers have done everything from catch the biggest fish in the lake (Big Will), made tie dye t-shirts, taught their counselors new dance moves and made lifelong friendships with the counselors and cabin mates. It is amazing to watch how quickly a diverse group of children all with different backgrounds and life experiences come together to have fun and just be kids.

A favorite camper story involves two Muskrat campers at the Ropes Course, the Muskrats are our youngest boys at Double H and are full of energy! Camper Regan in the muskrat cabin has been coming to camp for several years and is a camper that looks forward to camp all year. He arrived at camp and immediately became friends with all the boys in his cabin by introducing himself and saying that it was nice to see them. Regan is a very small child but has a ton of energy and loves to cheer! He did the “we’ve got spirit” cheer in the dining hall about 70 times.

Anyway the Muskrats were at the Ropes Course on the very last day of camp and camper Brandon was on the zip line platform and was a little nervous. Regan and the rest of the Muskrats started cheering on Brandon by shouting Give me an M, Give me a U, Give me a S etc.. Then counselor Kansas shouted “What does that spell” and Regan jumped into the air and shouted BRANDON! The rest of the Muskrats then all started running around and jumping while yelling Brandon. This never ending cheering and spirit in the Muskrat cabin helped Brandon get down the zip line and provided the counselors with a moment they won’t forget!

Double H is full of moments and stories and we appreciate all that is done to support us throughout the summer and the rest of the year! Continue to look for more blog entries about our Summer up at Double H.