I Want to be a Part of the Magic!

One of our favorite times of the year is here, interview season!! We are working hard to interview all of our potential Summer 2011 staff and volunteers. It is great to hear about how motivated and committed our potential staff and volunteers are about working at Double H for the summer. Each interview is a new opportunity to talk about camp and hear about what motivates people to work at such a magical place and with such amazing children.

“I want to be at a place where kids don’t have to hide their secrets.”

Our recruitment efforts have been focused on spreading the word through former staff, social media, online college job sites, and college visits. We have been extremely successful this season with a total of 350 staff applications for 100 summer positions. Our volunteer applications have totaled 460 this summer with more coming in everyday!

“I’m fascinated at the idea of working at a camp and being a part of an experience that kids remember for the rest of their life.”

Interviewing staff and volunteers allows us to all remember how we ourselves found out about camp, what got us involved and the excitement involved in being a part of this organization. When I interview someone, I leave the interview feeling energized and excited about what’s to come for Summer 2011. My mind is filled with t-shirt color choices, summer themes, camp wide game ideas and when to fit in our weekly trip to the Great Escape! Thank you to all of our applicants for continuing to motivate us in making camp the best experience for our campers!

For more information about becoming a part of our team, please visit the Summer Residential Camp Employment page. Click HERE to begin your Summer Staff Online Application; Click HERE to begin your Summer Volunteer Online Application.

Written by: Kate Walsh, Camp Program Director