Summer 2011 – It is truly a remarkable feeling.

The end of summer is such a bittersweet time. I am so happy and thrilled that we served over 800 children at Double H this summer but I am also sad that has all come to a close for the year. We have poured our lives into this program and worked tirelessly to make it a success for all of our campers. Our counselors, volunteers and year-round staff are in a state of joyful exhaustion. It is truly a remarkable feeling.

This summer has been filled with magical moments that will stay tucked within the Adirondack air and remain in the hearts and minds of our campers and staff. I can’t reiterate how impressed I am with the our 2011 team, the love they showed for our campers is astonishing.

As staff pack their suitcases, they need a little bit more room for their 2011 staff shirt, their cabin photos, their nature shirt, their warm fuzzies, and their camp magic. The thing that they may not realize is that they will also leave something behind. They leave a little piece of their heart here. To the fabulous 2011 staff, we will miss you here at camp. We will miss your cheering, your laughter, your commitment to the program, your smiles and your love. Keep that camp magic with you in the “real world” and we will see you soon. Magic happened here.

Written by: Kate Walsh, Programs Director