Hello from the Double H Operations Department!

We have had an amazing Spring here at Double H and have welcomed so many families and campers over the past two months. For those of you who have joined us for our Spring Family Programming we thank you for making our spring season so successful. Spring sneaks up on us at Double H, we are just finishing up our winter season and our minds are already thinking about summer; however, we have four family weekends to plan, organize, and facilitate.

Here are some fun camp stats for Spring Family Programming 2011!

35 volunteers helped our families make memories to last a life-time.
36 families participated in our 4 weekend programs.
65 individual participants came to a family weekend.
4 campfires were held.
22 meals were served.
12 bags of marshmallows were roasted.
8 games of kickball were played.
And a total of 215 people joined us for a Double H Spring Family Weekend!

Thank you so much to all who assisted with these weekends, it wouldn’t be possible without a strong Double H year-round team and such amazing volunteer support!

Moving right along, summer is almost here!! As many of you have seen on the countdown clock, we are quickly approaching the busiest season at Double H. We have less than two weeks until our leadership and program team arrives!

Last week I walked into to my camp house here on site to check things out and I was greeted with remnants of last summer. My nametag was sitting on my dresser, there was an Alumni Session schedule tacked to my wall and a pair of flip flops were sitting on the floor- it was like I had never left and yet so much has happened in this past year. While brushing some of the cobwebs out of the way I began to think of how this summer will challenge us, inspire us and motivate us to keep doing the work we do. The excitement for Summer 2011 is in the air and we are all ready to make magic happen!

Written by: Kate Walsh, Camp Program Director