Volunteers Make Magic Happen at Double H

Whether it’s a pristine floor in Charley’s Ski Chalet, a well-run family program activity, a successful and fun opening night campfire, well-pruned shrubbery and trees, medical check-in on opening day of session, or delicious cookie creators, EVERYONE has a part in helping Double H to follow through on its mission. With all of these daily goings-on here at camp, there is no possible way that we would be able to employ the amount of hands that it takes to complete these tasks as successfully and quickly as we do. We are most thankful for our volunteers, those that give of their time selflessly and without asking anything in return other than just the act of helping camp and its mission in any way they can. To give back, to just give, to learn, to grow, to assist, to teach, to laugh, and to learn about life and the wonder it is to share it with others. Without the act of volunteerism, we would be a very different organization. We rely on new ideas, new visionaries, new energy, new connections, and new hands to help with all things here, and we are incredibly thankful for the outpouring of support and the steady increase in our pool of volunteers over the years.

THANK YOU.  Thank you thank you thank you for the chance to spend two weeks at Double H.  It changed me in ways I can’t quite articulate yet.  . . . I can’t wait to come back next summer.  I can’t wait to bring friends. . . . . This summer, Double H reminded me to FIND THE JOY.  BE THE JOY.  Everywhere and every day.  When you’re looking for it, when you’re looking to create it, it’s everywhere.  – Kristin M.

All of you create a safe environment where everyone’s kid comes out, silliness inspires, fun heals, and acceptance reigns!. . . . . P.S.  I still can’t get the “Little Red Wagon” song out of my head!!!!  :-))       – Amy V.


One of the most humbling experiences of my life.   – Josselyn S.