Volunteers We Thank YOU!!!

It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Happy National Volunteer Appreciation Week! We certainly would not be where we are as an organization without the dedication of all of our staff and volunteers. We are SO thankful for each and every one of you, your time, efforts, dedication, and contribution to Double H. Being a volunteer at the Double H Ranch, you witness smiles that stretch for eternity, shrieks of pure joy tumbling from little mouths, and the exuberance of an astonishing increase in self-confidence daily.

The Double H is awe inspiring. We are truly in the business of changing lives. We help these children and families float off our property to go home with a new-found courage, an increase in support for each other, and a level of bonding they may never have been able to achieve on their own. We help to foster a feeling of belonging, camaraderie, and inspiration, which will carry them through the toughest of times. We provide a vessel for their hearts to lighten, and hope to brighten. Through our appreciation, acceptance, and motivation, our children and families are able to love themselves just as they are. We are there for them no matter what each day brings. We don’t give up, and the challenge only makes us work more diligently at whatever task we are after. No matter how we are involved, we provide much more than we can see on the surface.

Thank you for not only giving of your time, but also of your hearts this year, and always. YOU have made a difference in the lives of many, and your heart should be over flowing. Thank you to every volunteer who has made Double H a creative, unique, fun, caring, and exciting community of individuals coming together towards a common goal. We are so lucky to have you as a part of our Double H Family!

Written by: Abby Pinney, Volunteer Coordinator