Volunteers – Your Commitment is What Keeps Us Going

As our Fall Family weekend fun comes to an end, we look back on the past two seasons and are grateful for all of the help that we have had here at the Double H. A woman recently asked if we had trouble getting volunteers to spend their “free” time at camp. Absolutely not. Truth is, we are blessed to have so many amazing volunteers and staff that care about our kiddos and want to give of themselves and their hearts every time they step foot on camp.

You, as volunteers, are willing to fill the hearts of everyone you work with every time you are here. You fill them with laughter, hope, patience, kindness, compassion, and praise. No matter what might be happening in your own personal lives, you are able to go beyond that or use it as a catalyst to infuse a sense of self-confidence and pride in belonging into every single camper you work alongside of. This is no easy feat, but you all do it with such great poise and simplicity; a child-like ease.

Being here at camp, doing the work we do is a powerful and magical experience. We truly would not be able to do what we do as an organization without your hard work and dedication. For that, we are honored, humbled, inspired, and thankful. You will all be in our thoughts and lists of thanks this upcoming season of giving, and always. Your commitment is what keeps us going.