Camp Photographer

Department: Program
Reports to: Assistant Camp Director, Programs
Dates of Employment: June  – August
Compensation: Paid Weekly, Housing and Meals Provided

Job Summary: The mission of the Double H Ranch is to provide specialized programs and year round support for children and their families dealing with life-threatening illnesses. The Camp Photographer meets the mission of Double H by working with Creative Arts Activity Leaders to plan and facilitate activities that capture our campers’ experiences through photography and journalism. Together, the Creative Arts Activity Leaders and Camp Photographer organize and facilitate the weekly Talent Show with the assistance of a committee. The Camp Photographer also supports our families and programs by providing camp photos to our Development Office for marketing purposes.

Main Responsibilities:

Pre Session:
• Review Photo permission report and develop a plan of action for editing photos
• Work with the Creative Arts Activity Leaders to provide the Assistant Camp Director, Programs with a detailed plan of activities that will be implemented during the session. These plans should be engaging, adapted to meet campers’ needs, fit into the theme of the session and allow for flexibility. Plans must include all-weather programming
• Collaborate with the Assistant Camp Director, Programs/Activities Coordinator to create purchase orders to ensure the program has adequate supplies for the week
•Evaluate program area and supplies for safety and readiness

During Session:
• Provide clear and engaging supervision of campers at the Creative Arts/Photo program area
• Work with Creative Arts to plan and facilitate specific photography activities that clearly provide campers with a take away skill
• Awareness of camper’s personal fears and concerns
• Follow the model of Intentional Programming set forth by the Leadership team
• Act as a role model and set an example for campers, staff and volunteers
• Provide regular and positive feedback to campers, staff and volunteers
• Modify all Creative Arts/Photo activities during inclement weather and report the decision to the Assistant Camp Director, Programs
• Facilitate programming for cabins who have had their rotation cancelled
• Ensure that all supplies are safely stored and maintained, remove and report items in disrepair
• Required to be at program area whenever scheduled
• Required to be a designated cabin counselor whenever not scheduled for program
• Attend and give updates at weekly Activity Leader meetings
• Visit all program areas to ensure that photos are being taken of all aspects of camp
• Take headshots of each camper during check-in on arrival day with plan for discretely determining photo permissions. Coordinate with Admissions team to transfer photos for office use
• Take photos of all camp wide activities including free choice, evening programs, Great Escape, arrival and departure days
• Arrange a time to take photos of our medical staff and medical procedures
• Take all cabin photos by Day 2 rest time and execute plan for development and distribution
• Design and implement several free choice activities that focus on photography for campers to attend
• Create weekly slideshow to show at our Talent Show. Slideshow must be completed two hours prior to the Talent Show.
• Organize and facilitate Talent Show with Creative Arts staff and Talent Show committee

Post Session:
• Attend and give updates at weekly staff meetings
• Ensure that all supplies are safely stored and maintained, remove and report items in disrepair
• Review previous session activities and modify based on success of the activity
• Organize and edit photos to be used for development purposes
• Submit all approved photos to Assistant Camp Director, Programs by Day 2 of following session

• Establish a routine for campers, staff and volunteers when they attend the program area
• Use appropriate behavior management at all times
• Monitor children’s health on a daily basis: reporting any symptoms to the medical staff immediately

Safety: • Report any acts of maltreatment, neglect and/or any other violation of camp policies immediately to the Camp Director • Ensure that American Camping Association standards, SeriousFun Children’s Network standards and NYS Department of Health standards are being implemented and followed • Must complete all medical and employment forms • Must adhere to all safety rules and teach campers what those rules are • Responsible for knowing and adhering to the policies and procedures contained within the camp manual. • Provide safe alternate activities when weather is inclement Staff Team: • Actively participate in staff training • Support other members of the staff • Be a role model for all staff and volunteers • Complete mid-season and end of season evaluations of your Unit Leader and summer program • Treat other staff and volunteers with professionalism and respect • Accept supervision and guidance from staff and supervisors

• At least 19 years of age
• At least two years of photography experience or equivalent role
• No criminal conviction record related to the treatment of children

Essential Functions:
• Must be able to provide complete, independent personal care for yourself in regards to: hygiene maintenance & medical needs & medication administration.
• Must be able to provide personal care for campers including: bathing, toileting, changing diapers, dressing, transferring children out of their wheelchair, etc.
• Must be able to physically and mentally able to work 12 hour shifts with limited breaks.
• Must possess the strength and stamina to maintain constant supervisor of campers for the duration of the season.
• Be able to push, pull, lift and carry items up to 50 pounds.
• Be able to supervise and instruct campers; this will require the ability to walk, sit, climb, kneel, crouch and stand.

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