Long Term Positive Impact of Double H

When I was a child, I started going to Double H. I spent 9 years as a camper there. The freedom that I experienced, and the feeling of “fitting in” as a little boy with Spina Bifida was profound on me. When I was a camper at Double H, I looked up greatly to my counselors, and the positive impact that they had, not only on me, but everyone else there. It has inspired me to this day. Now, I volunteer with another organization with their camping program as the camp director, and I still look back to my counselors that I had when I was younger for inspiration on fun ways of interacting with my campers who have their own special circumstances.

Double H Ranch not only gave me the freedom as a little boy to be confident in myself, but it carries with me to this day in leading camping trips with youth who have disabilities. The spirit of camp is something I can never let go.