Welcoming, Loving, Remembering

I have been a camper for 9 years (last year being my last), and Double H Ranch has been something I have looked forward to every year after school. As someone who suffers from Severe Hemophilia A, prior to coming to Double H, I felt alone, isolated, and different from others due to my disorder and my setbacks/limitations. But my first year there, I met a counselor with Hemophilia! (This was the first time me, or my parents, saw someone with the same disorder as me). This event, which I still remember so vividly, showed me that I am not alone with this disorder. I made so many friends, both with the same and different disabilities while here, many I still keep in contact with over social media. Basically, Double H Ranch is a magically happy place, where no one is judged, or held back due to their disability, Double H is a place where “disability” is just a word, and “Safe Fun” is a way of life that all campers, counselors, and nurses live by while here.