My Second Family

I go to camp every summer that I’m not having surgery and it is always the best week of the year for me. I get to be normal for a week, there’s no pestering over “whats wrong with you” or the other millions of questions I get on a daily basis because of the way… Read More

Welcoming, Loving, Remembering

I have been a camper for 9 years (last year being my last), and Double H Ranch has been something I have looked forward to every year after school. As someone who suffers from Severe Hemophilia A, prior to coming to Double H, I felt alone, isolated, and different from others due to my disorder… Read More

Long Lasting Friendships

I have attended Double H for 6 years, but this past summer was the best year ever. I got so close with by cabin mates, other cabins, and the counselors. We still keep in contact now. Double H has helped me grow as a person and helped me accept myself more. Everyone is beyond compassionate… Read More

You are Here

My brothers and I were given the opportunity of being able to go to Double HH siblings week for the past three years and I wouldn’t want anything different. I have made life long friends and I consider them my family. HH is my family and everyone treats each other with love, support, acceptance, and… Read More

Home Away From Home

I lost my mother to AIDS when I was just 7 years old. I was confused and a lost child, trying to understand and find answers. “Why her? Why me? What is “AIDS”? What is “HIV”? How can it be cured?”.  I started camp shortly after and eventually received the best answers I could of… Read More

Best First Time Ever

This is the first time we ever went to a camp. A sleep away camp at that. At first when our mother told us that we were going to a sleep away camp, we was very skeptical about going. Ayishah and I tried to talk her out of letting us go, but of course that… Read More

Best Summer Ever

This is the story of the time I had the best summer ever. Double H is the top best camp I’ve ever been to. All the camps that I have been to they let us do work, only went places that they picked out, and we never had any fun time. Until me and my… Read More

Long Term Positive Impact of Double H

When I was a child, I started going to Double H. I spent 9 years as a camper there. The freedom that I experienced, and the feeling of “fitting in” as a little boy with Spina Bifida was profound on me. When I was a camper at Double H, I looked up greatly to my… Read More

Truly Wonderful Experience

We are confident that you have heard (and read) this before – what a truly wonderful experience you provide at Double H Ranch! We just wanted to take a moment and express our heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone of you for the great time our daughter Melanie had at camp during Session 2. From… Read More