Camp Outreach Program

The goal of Double H Ranch’s Outreach Program is to provide children and families living with serious illnesses opportunities for connection, support, and fun by bringing the magic of camp into the community. The program aims to meet participants wherever they are. Outreach hospital visits and community events are designed to give children the power of choice in activities, provide respite for caregivers and family members, and create moments that build relationships and foster belonging.

The Outreach Program has been grateful for the opportunities to share camp in hospital playrooms, at local farmer’s markets and sporting events, and at Double H events like Spring in the City and the Alumni Prom. In the year ahead, we are committed to continually increasing access to camp by adding new hospitals and health partners to our visits, and creating events to meet the needs of campers, caregivers, and families. Check out our list of dates and partners to see when we’ll be in your neck of the woods!