Summer Employment

Spend your summer helping kids with serious illnesses have limitless fun!

The Roles:

Cabin Counselors

  • The campers’ go-to crew, providing the overall care and support as campers participate in camp
  • Work as a team to create a sunny, warm environment regardless of the weather
  • Will often put on a costume, get messy or share a rain coat to create camp excitement
  • Grow to be an expert in back pocket games, cheers, and giving a hug at the perfect time
  • Live in the cabin with campers and are the watchful eye and the fun superhero 

Activity Leaders

  • Create and implement daily activities at one of our 10 program areas (outdoor education, arts and crafts, high ropes, and more)
  • Engaging facilitators who help campers learn what they’re capable of
  • Innovators of imagination who can turn a theme into an activity and switch gears with a moment’s notice
  • Excited to be in a child’s world and role model curiosity, creativity, team work, and kindness
  • Join and support their cabin team when program areas are closed

Unit Leaders

  • Responsible for the supervision and safety of a cabin team and its campers
  • Can build a team, track important information, organize a schedule and make camp fun
  • Captains of the cabin and can navigate the roles of student, teacher, coach and friend
  • Give and receive feedback, mediate disagreements, and set a tone of kindness, safety, and respect for all camp
  • Will put on a costume, volunteer to go first, and lead the “down time” fun

Seasonal Leadership Staff

  • Develop and lead camp-wide programming and themed spirit activities that breathe energy into the daily camp routine
  • Behind the scenes crusaders that are part of our camp leadership team who support summer staff and programs
  • Motivated to serve as point people for the logistics that make camp happen, usually while laughing and sometimes in costume
  • Comfortable providing feedback and role modeling for peers

Staff Requirements (the logistics of the job):

  • Summer staff must be 19 years of age or 18 with at least one year of college
  • CITs can be 17 years of age
  • Residential from June until August
  • Physically and mentally able to work long hours with limited breaks
  • Must be able to provide complete, independent personal care for yourself.
  • Must be able to provide personal care for our campers including bathing, toileting, changing diapers, dressing, etc.

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Please contact Kate Walsh, Camp Director, with any questions regarding the summer staff application process.