Winter Program FAQs

How much does it cost for my child to participate in the Adaptive Winter Sports Program at the Double H Ranch?
All our students and their families participate for FREE!

Does my child need to bring their own ski/snowboard equipment?
The Double H Ranch provides each skier/snowboarder with necessary equipment from our equipment room. All participants are required to wear a helmet and snowboarders are required to wear wrist guards.

Will my child have a group or individual lesson?
Each participant is assigned a volunteer instructor and receives one on one instruction.

If I have more information to give to my child’s instructor than I listed on the application, will I be able to talk with someone?
Yes. You’ll be able to talk with your child’s ski/snowboard instructor(s) before your child hits the slopes and provide any additional information.

Can siblings and other family members participate in the Adaptive Winter Sports Program?
Siblings and family members are welcome to hit the slopes only during the designated Friday night Family Nights or during one of our five Family Sleepover Weekends offered throughout the season.

If items are missing from the application, will I be notified?
The Admissions Office will contact you if there is any information missing from your child’s application.

How will I know when my child has been accepted to participate in the winter program?
Once the application has been approved by our Medical team and all student scheduling is complete, confirmation information will be e-mailed to the parent. Confirmation e-mails are usually sent out the third week in December. In the confirmation information, there are forms that we’d like sent back to camp before your child arrives for their first scheduled ski day.