Winter Program FAQs

How much does it cost for my camper to participate in the Adaptive Winter Sports Program at the Double H Ranch?

All our campers participate for free! Our generous donors cover all operating costs.

Does my camper need to bring their own ski/snowboard equipment?

The Double H Ranch provides each skier/snowboarder with the necessary equipment from our equipment room. Please indicate on application if your camper has their own equipment. All campers are required to wear a helmet and snowboarders are required to wear wrist guards.

Will my camper have a group or individual lesson?

Each camper is assigned a volunteer instructor and receives one on one instruction.

Due to COVID-19, what changes are being made to the 2022 winter program?

We continue to follow all New York State and local Department of Health and Center for Disease Control guidelines and will be offering Saturday and Sunday day programs only (in addition to two Monday holiday dates).  We will be operating at a reduced capacity.  All Double H staff, volunteers, campers and family members ages 16 years and older will be vaccinated for COVID-19 and everyone onsite will be required to receive the flu shot vaccination and wear a mask (including indoors and outdoors).  Each camper will be assigned a room in a cabin for the day to store their belongings, get changed, eat lunch and rest if needed.

If I have more information to give to my camper’s instructor than I listed on the application, will I be able to talk with someone?

Yes. You’ll be able to talk with your camper’s ski/snowboard instructor(s) before your camper hits the slopes and provide any additional information.

Can siblings and other family members participate in the Adaptive Winter Sports Program?

No.  This winter, we are not allowing siblings or more than one parent/guardian onsite during the camper’s day lesson.

If my camper participated in a Double H program last year, will they need a new Physical Exam Form and immunization record?

We do require a new physical exam form on file every year. We also require a flu shot every year to participate in our winter program.

If items are missing from the application, will I be notified?

The Admissions office will contact you if there is any information missing from your camper’s application.

Once I complete the online application, what happens next?

Once you submit the online application for your camper, an e-mail will be sent to you with a copy of the Double H Physical Exam Form. Once your camper’s pediatrician completes the form, please scan/e-mail, mail or fax to Double H with an updated copy of your camper’s immunization record. If any additional information is needed, the Admissions Office will contact you directly.

How will I know when my camper has been accepted to participate in the winter program?

Once the application has been approved by our Medical team and the lottery is complete, campers will be scheduled and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. Confirmation with the camper’s lesson dates will be sent out in the beginning of January.


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Winter FAQs