I just came back from my sixth year at camp, and I know I’ve said this countless times before but camp is a very special place for me. Throughout all of the hardships that have thrown me on another side quest from the big adventure of life, I can always remind myself that camp is always there for me. This year, 2022, has been very hard for me in terms of health, my social life, and family, so going to camp was probably one of the most amazing things to light up my year, if only for five days. With my JIA, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, cysts, and god knows what else, I know I won’t be judged at camp for taking a little longer to get somewhere or to eat, or for needing to use a wheelchair or the elevator to get where I need to be. Next year will be my last year as a camper, but I am so incredibly excited for alumni and to be a counselor myself. So, in a few less words, from the outside looking in, you don’t understand it, but from the inside looking out, you can’t explain it. Let the camp magic thrive.