2022 Summer Volunteer Opportunities – Application Coming Early March!

We’re excited to be preparing for the 2022 Summer Camp Program, and it wouldn’t be possible without the time and talents of our volunteers! Please stay tuned to learn more about the application process and available volunteer positions…

  • Residential Volunteers: Join a Cabin Staff team of enthusiastic, nurturing individuals who care for and assist campers aged 6-16 years old, or 17-21 years old during the Alumni Session. You’ll work closely with campers throughout each day and night to ensure that their needs met, they are staying safe, and having a positive experience.
  • Non-Residential Volunteers: Help support our Activity Leaders with the set up and operation of program areas, like Arts and Crafts, The Barn, Waterfront, Ropes, or Archery. You’ll help campers learn new skills, gain confidence, and enjoy being a kid.
  • Volunteer Camp Inspiration Nurse: Help provide shift coverage during the Camp Inspiration Program, designed for campers who require breathing assistance (BiPAP, CPAP, ventilator, O2, etc.) and their families. You’ll work with a team of Respiratory Therapists to provide medical care, pass daily meds, and monitor the health of campers.
  • Volunteer Cabin Nurse: Join a camper cabin to provide medical care, pass daily medications, and monitor the health of campers throughout their five-day session. Children of Cabin Nurses are eligible to apply to attend camp during their parent’s volunteer session.


Important Volunteer Dates


  • Non-Residential Volunteer Training: TBD
  • 15-19: Camp Inspiration
  • 22: Session 1 Residential Volunteer Training
  • 23-27: Session 1
  • 29: Session 2 Residential Volunteer Training
  • 30-July 4: Session 2


  • 6: Session 3 Residential Volunteer Training
  • 7-11: Session 3
  • 14: Session 4 Residential Volunteer Training
  • 15-19: Session 4
  • 21: Session 5 Residential Volunteer Training
  • 22-26: Session 5
  • 28: Session 6 Residential Volunteer Training
  • 29-August 2: Session 6


  • 4: Alumni Session Residential Volunteer Training
  • 5-9: Alumni Session

Winter Volunteer Opportunities

Ski/Snowboard Instructor

Do you love skiing or snowboarding and want to share the joy of sliding around on snow with campers? Help teach campers with chronic and life-threatening illnesses how to ski or snowboard. No previous teaching experience required! Instructor training will cover different methods of ski and snowboard instruction, the appropriate use of adaptive equipment, and more. The training provided for our AWSP Instructors is in accordance with Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) standards. Official PSIA certification opportunities are available for interested instructors, but it is not required.

Junior Ski/Snowboard Instructor

We welcome young volunteers aged 16 – 17 years old to learn the ropes of teaching campers with guidance from our ASWP Instructors. Junior Instructors receive the same training opportunities and are paired with experienced instructors when teaching lessons.

Ski Patrol

Safety comes first on the slopes! Experienced certified National Ski Patrol volunteers provide supervision and first aid for our campers and instructors.

Lodge Host

A warm welcome, comfort, belonging, and hot chocolate! Lodge Hosts greet and guide families to their stations, help maintain the cleanliness of the ski lodge, and help organize food services to ensure everyone has the energy they need for a day of fun.

Equipment Room Technician & Assistant

(ERTs) Technicians are responsible for the proper setting of ski and snowboard bindings. ERTs also assist in proper protective equipment selection and fitting, equipment tracking, and use of adaptive teaching tools. Technicians complete online technical certification course and an on-site certification exam. (ERTs perform all the functions of ERAs plus binding setting).

(ERAs) Assistants are trained to assist campers with proper protective equipment selection and fitting, equipment tracking, and use of adaptive teaching tools.

Conveyor Lift Operator

Our conveyor, or “moving sidewalk,” brings campers up to the beginner instruction area on the hill. CLOs help campers and instructors safely enter, ride, and exit the conveyor during lessons. CLOs are stationed outside on the hill for 1-2 hours at a time and should have the ability to physically assist campers on and off, as well as return campers to a standing position if they were to fall.

We appreciate your interest in volunteering with Double H Ranch! The 2022 AWSP Volunteer Application is now closed, but we always enjoy sharing the magic of camp. Please reach out to our Volunteer Office for more information about how to get involved.

The magic that takes place during winter at Double H Ranch is made possible through the efforts of our volunteers. As the snow starts falling, volunteers have the opportunity to help our campers experience the joy and connection of camp through skiing and snowboarding. Volunteers are the heart of our Adaptive Winter Sports Program and there is something for everyone: from teaching the fundamentals of snow sports and making sure equipment is ready to go, to helping facilitate camp activities and ensuring campers and their families feel welcomed and supported.

The 2022 Adaptive Winter Sports Program will host day lessons at a reduced capacity throughout January, February, and March. Volunteer opportunities begin at 16 years old. Depending on the volunteer role, training begins in December, or at the beginning of January. We are happy to certify any volunteer hours for school or community groups.

When you volunteer with Double H Ranch, we will always support you to provide safe fun for our campers. If you are interested in volunteering and have missed any of the application deadlines, please contact us.

Winter FAQs


Connect With Us

Questions about year-round volunteer opportunities at Double H Ranch? Contact the Volunteer Office at volunteer@doublehranch.org or call 518-696-5676 x 241.