We are pleased to be welcoming campers, seasonal staff, and volunteers back onsite for a residential 2021 Summer Camp Program at approximately 30% capacity. In designing and operating the summer program, we will be closely following summer camp guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), New York State (NYS), our local Department of Health (DOH), and the American Camping Association (ACA). We will also be operating based on recommendations from the SeriousFun Children’s Network (SFCN) that were created specifically for camps serving children with serious illnesses. This summer more than ever, our volunteer team will help provide Double H’s primary Core Value for campers: Safe Fun!

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed much of the way we live our daily lives. Many of us have missed the hugs and high fives from our camp community and while we are overjoyed to bring campers back onsite to Double H for summer 2021, there will be more changes to ensure everyone stays safe.

Any volunteers at camp this summer will have to help support the implementation of these changes. Volunteers may be required to quarantine before or during camp, spend all their time with one cabin or have no time with cabins, take on different responsibilities in program areas, and be more agile in responding to changing needs at camp. Flexibility and patience are necessary skills to have as we head into a summer of new challenges.

How we embrace the summer of 2021 is a role modeling opportunity of a lifetime. We can set the tone for campers of how a community comes together and responds to challenges with love.

One thing that hasn’t changed – we still have a range of volunteer opportunities for you to make a difference by giving your time and talent. We hope you join us on this adventure!


Volunteer Opportunities

Session Volunteers (Residential)

Cabin Counselors are enthusiastic, nurturing individuals who work closely with staff throughout each day and night to ensure that all campers have their needs met, are having a positive experience, and are staying safe.  Cabin Counselors travel with their cabin to all activities in pods, maintaining the same campers, staff, and volunteers throughout each session. Cabin Counselors provide medical supervision and direct care which may include support for activities of daily living for campers. Alongside staff, Cabin Counselors help facilitate challenge by choice activities and positive peer interactions to engage campers in a meaningful camp experience.

This is a residential position and applicants must be at least 19 years of age, or 18 years of age and have attended one year of college. Cabin Counselors must attend a mandatory training day onsite the day before their session begins.

Update! Given the increase in vaccine availability and mandated vaccine requirement for adults on camp, our medical team has adjusted the consecutive 2-session requirement. You can now apply to be a Cabin Counselor for one session.

New! Cabin Counselors will have active involvement in the facilitation of program activities.

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Day Volunteers (Non-Residential)

Day Volunteers will help support the operation of program areas including Arts and Crafts, Team Adventure, Creative Arts, Outdoor Extreme, Discovery, Barn, Waterfront, Ropes, and Archery. Day Volunteers will help set up program areas for cabins and may provide a demonstration of the activity but most areas will not have direct interaction with cabins. Day Volunteers will keep program areas and supplies clean and disinfected between use, well organized, and well-supplied for camper activities. Day Volunteers are non-residential and must be at least 16 years of age. A mandatory training day will be required for all Day Volunteers on Sunday, June 20th with additional training in June for Ropes and Archery.

New! Mandatory training day for all Day Volunteers on June 20th.

New! Day Volunteers will help make activities possible through preparation and clean up but most will not have direct interaction with campers.

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Medical Volunteers (Residential)

When you volunteer as part of the team for Paul’s Body Shop, you will be working alongside our camp Medical Director, Nursing Director, and staff nursing team to ensure the highest quality of around-the-clock care for campers. It is an amazing experience where you get to see the magic of camp firsthand and witness the pure joy that is summer camp!

Each summer session has two physicians covering the medical needs of our campers and staff 24 hours a day. Nurses work directly with one cabin of campers providing their daily medications, administering treatments, and monitoring the health of the campers. Nurses are not responsible for overnight care, as we have staff nurses covering the overnight hours. Physicians and Nurses live on-site for a minimum of 1 summer session.

All medical volunteers must be professionally licensed to practice in New York State.

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Volunteer Application Timeline

There are very specific deadlines to apply for volunteering during summer 2021. Please take note of these timelines so you don’t miss your chance to take part this summer!

April 2ndApplications Available
April 2nd – 25thApplications evaluated for lottery eligibility
April 25th  – Deadline to submit Part 1 of the volunteer application
Early May – Volunteers notified of the lottery outcome
May 26th – Deadline for selected volunteers to complete Part 2 of the application

Summer Dates

Due to Covid-19 safety measures, Cabin Counselors are encouraged, but not required, to commit to two consecutive sessions (Sessions 1 & 2, 3& 4, or 5 and alumni). Mandatory training for Cabin Counselors will take place the day before a session begins.

Day Volunteers and Cabin Counselors will attend a mandatory day of training onsite at Double H before their position begins. Some Day Volunteer positions will require additional training such as Ropes and Archery.

Day Volunteers

  • New! Mandatory Training: Sunday, June 20

Session 1 & 2 Volunteers

  • Training: Tuesday, June 29
  • Session 1: Wednesday, June 30 – Sunday, July 4
  • Training: Tuesday, July 6
  • Session 2: Wednesday, July 7 – Sunday, July 11

Session 3 & 4 Volunteers

  • Training: Tuesday, July 13
  • Session 3: Wednesday, July 14 – Sunday, July 18
  • Training: Wednesday, July 21
  • Session 4: Thursday, July 22 – Monday, July 26

Session 5 & Alumni Volunteers

  • Training: Wednesday, July 28
  • Session 5: Thursday, July 29 – Monday, August 2
  • Training: Wednesday, August 4
  • Alumni Session: Thursday, August 5 – Sunday, August 8

COVID-19 Policies and Safety

If selected to volunteer during Summer 2021, your training and learning will start very quickly after you are offered a position. We will host a virtual informational session for you to ask questions, learn about how we are keeping everyone safe and what changes will be happening.  As mentioned above, this is a new challenge and while we are working hard to have all the answers to all the questions- there will be some unknowns and there may be changes along the way.  We appreciate your understanding as we navigate this together.  Please visit our FAQ page for more information.

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If you have questions about our volunteer opportunities please contact Lauren Roden, Volunteer Director, at volunteer@doublehranch.org.