Volunteer FAQs

What is the time commitment for volunteering?
Whether you have a day, weekend, week or an entire summer, Double H ranch offers a range of volunteer opportunities for you to make a difference by giving your time and talent. Our Volunteer Director will help you find an opportunity that best fits you, but the following programs have volunteer time commitments:

  • Summer Sessions, Counselors: 7 Days
  • Spring/Fall Family Pal Weekends: 2 -3 days
  • Adaptive Winter Sports Program: Training and 6 days of instructing commitment

When are volunteer applications available?

Summer Program: January
Adaptive Winter Sports Program: September
Family Pals: August and February

How old do I have to be?
Volunteers for our Summer Camp programs and Family Pals must be 19 years of age or have attended one year of college. General Volunteers and Jr Ski/Snowboard instructors must be 16 years of age.

Do I need to attend a training or orientation before volunteering?
Yes, a mandatory full day of training is provided at camp the day before each session begins.

What is you volunteer application process like?

  • Complete an online application
    All volunteers are required to complete the current volunteer application.
  • Interview with Volunteer Director
    Once a completed application is received, the Volunteer Director will be in contact with the applicant to set up an interview.
  • Criminal Background check and national sex offender registry
    Volunteers will be required to successfully clear a criminal background check and a National Sex offender Registry check before being granted final acceptance as a volunteer.
  • Medical forms
    Volunteers are required to disclose full medical information by filling out a medical form including a current physical exam, general medical history, immunization history and current TB test.

I’m a former camper. Can I volunteer?
Yes! However, because being a camp counselor is sometimes strenuous, we expect all volunteers at Double H Ranch will have the ability to supervise and provide for the safety of the campers.

What are the medical requirements of working at camp?
As we are serving a special population of children, most with compromised immune systems, immunization history and requirements are non-negotiable. Volunteers are required to have a current physical exam and up-to-date immunizations including the Flu Shot for our Winter Program. Our Volunteer Director will provide an outline of required and recommended immunizations one should have for volunteering during the application process.

I have a group that is interested in volunteering. What do you have for group volunteering?
Throughout the year we rely on the support of volunteers to assist with a variety of housekeeping and facilities projects as we open, maintain and close the Double H Ranch each season. Our Community Work Days program invites you to volunteer as a group with your business, school group, Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop, or with family and friends as a team building opportunity. Please visit our Community Work Days page for more information on our volunteer opportunities!