A Truly Amazing Spring Season Here at the Double H!

“My family loved every moment at the Double H Ranch……well…all of them except for the moment we had to say goodbye and leave.” Spring Family Program Parent

As we wrap up our Spring Family Programs we are able to reflect on another wonderful season here at the Double H. This year we hosted four fun filled programs to benefit our campers and their families. Our families were able to kick off our spring season with great success and beautiful weather. We were excited to bring themes to our weekend programs as we often do in winter and summer. The Diabetes Family Program was tropical luau themed while the Autism Family Program was a high seas pirate adventure. All of these weekends allow families to create relationships that extend beyond their two day stay at Double H. Friendships and connections that were made at the Diabetes weekend were inspiring, while Bravehearts ladies brought not only their energy and excitement for adventure but also supported the Ranch through their in-kind donations. Cindy’s Comfort Camp was filled with campers and big buddies, each taking the time to enjoy camp activities and reflect on their experiences in dealing with a parent or sibling who has been diagnosed with a chronic illness. While the Autism Family Weekend was action packed with pirate scavenger hunts, swimming, high ropes course and activities to build upon friendships.

In addition to Spring Family Programs the past two months have highlighted how very important the Double H is to our community and our dedicated supporters. Since April 17th, our first Spring Helping Hands Work Day, over 730 volunteers have visited the Ranch in support of our campers arrival by participating in a variety of facilities and housekeeping projects. With the arrival of our summer campers just a few weeks away we value and appreciate the amazing support we have received from individuals, the community and local businesses.

A big Double H hug to all of our Family Program participants as well as our Helping Hands Work Day volunteers! What a truly amazing spring season here at the Double H!