Make Every Moment Matter

Summer 2018 is flying by.  It’s extraordinary that we are half-way through our summer camp program.  Our staff and volunteers are working hard to make every moment matter for our campers.  I am incredibly proud of our staff and volunteer team, who came in June and went through eight days of extensive training and team building and are now doing such a remarkable job with our campers. When our staff arrived in June, it was interesting to see that they arrive similarly to our campers. Some are excited and ready to be back at camp having fun, while others arrive nervous and apprehensive, unsure of what they just signed up for. Then, in true camp fashion, the nerves and doubt vanish as they meet their peers, hear about the campers they will be working with and settle into their jobs.

During our staff training, we talk a lot about the nitty gritty of the job, but we also challenge our staff to be the best humans they can be. Staff have an amazing opportunity to learn and grow into the best version of themselves during their three months at camp. Our staff form a community and create friendships that last far beyond the summer months. Some of the best people in my life I have met at camp. It’s wonderful to see the 2018 team form those bonds while working so hard for our campers.

“Some of the best people in my life I have met at camp.”

Yesterday, I was able to sneak out to the Ropes Course to watch the Deer Cabin conquer their fears, be brave and support each other. The Deer Cabin holds a special place in my heart, it was the first cabin I was ever a counselor in and it is where some of my best camp memories live. The Deer are 6 to 8-year-old girls who have love exploding out of them, every experience is brilliant and new. While I was at the Ropes Course it was awesome to see that the girls were excited for the course, but what was more significant was the trust and love they shared with their counselors. They have known their counselors for three days; but, you would think that these campers had known them their whole lives. I felt such pride in these young adults who are giving their time, love and energy to make our campers feel like the best versions of themselves.

Every opening meeting at camp when I introduce myself to the new volunteers, I say that I have the privilege of being the Camp Director here at Double H. I say that because it is a true privilege to have this job.  I am lucky to witness moments of kindness, support and love every single day. I am fortunate to work with the leadership team to teach our staff and volunteers the meaning of camp. I am challenged every day to be a better camp professional and a better leader than I was the day before. I am honored to be a source of support to staff and campers who are having a tough time. I am lucky to see campers and staff be their best selves at Double H. I am privileged to be a part of the magic and to help foster such a beautiful environment.

As the nights get cooler and the sun sets a little earlier, we are reminded that summer does not last forever. Here at Double H, we are embracing every moment we have and are making each moment matter.

By: Kate Walsh
Camp Director

Kate Walsh, Camp Director

5 thoughts on “Make Every Moment Matter

  1. Kate Walsh is great she one of many who has the true spirit of Double H Ranch! Keep the Good work up Kate much love!

    former loving camper,
    William (Billy) Scheinert

  2. Dearest Kate, please know it is truly a privilege to have known you and you are such a gift to camp! You are a gift to our kids! Your light gets carried with them each and every day! Thank you for all you do and the amazing staff! Health and Happiness

  3. Dear Kate,
    I’m reading this right after putting my son on the bus for the last time as a camper. You and your staff inspire the campers to be counselors and continue sharing their love for Double H Camp.

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